About Tonya's Ageless Skin Spa


A message from Tonya...

I love what I do! I was in Education Management for 10 years and decided to change careers. Thank goodness!  I have had a passion for skin and the body my entire life. I've taken 92 continued education courses (so far) outside what was required over the last 4 years.

I have learned that sometimes my clients need more than a facial.  They need an escape.  I strive to provide a soothing environment where people leave feeling relaxed, youthful, rejuvenated and glowing.


Your experience...

Each service we offer is of the highest standards.  

We pay attention to every detail from the ingredients in our products, sanitation, comfort, privacy and ambiance.  

Our guests get to consistently experience one-on-one services with no distractions. There are no telephones ringing, no people walking in and out, nor will you have to listen to another person's conversation.  Just luxurious pampering! 

We greatly value each guest's business and strive for long term relationships. 

LevSkin Care made by Tonya Chefchis

Here at Tonya's Ageless Skin Spa, you will not find ten different  product lines.  You will only arrive to see LevSkin Care. I carefully selected ingredients to produce superior quality.  My lab and scientists worked endlessly for years to ensure my product line was PERFECT. That is because we have taken the time to research what we feel is the very best for our guests skin. 

We proudly back our product line and once you experience LevSkin Care, we are confident you will too! Our signature product line of LevSkin Care is free of artificial fragrances/ingredients and no animal testing.