Brad C. Houston, TX

"Good location near West University. Small store front, but excellent results. My forehead cleared up just one week after visiting and using Tonya's recommended techniques and cleansing products. Adult acne was something I thought I was just going to have to put up with regularly. Now I have some hope after seeing results. Very thankful for this spa and Tonya's expertise. If you've suffered from acne for a while then you should definitely give this place a try. "

Amanda P. Houston, TX

"Tonya is great!  I've been with her for a few years, following her when she moved spas. She helped me get my rosacea under control so I didn't have to go on prescription meds.  Super thankful that I no longer get nasty breakouts!  Highly recommend!!"

Ryan C. Houston, TX

"I've always had issues with my face, back, and chest area with breakouts and ingrown hairs which has now gone away because of her treatments and recommended products. I'm lucky that she's my wife but she cares about every single one of her clients' needs!"

Michelle D. Houston, TX

"I have been going to Tonya for the last few years.  I have to say that she truly cares about the health of my skin.  I am usually in a rush and neglect my skin, but Tonya follows up with me to make sure that I set aside the time to take care of myself."